The audio snake oil for fools.

Let’s face it, high-end audio is a cash cow for snake oil sellers and most audiofools will believe in anything that can improve sound of their usually perfect system.

First of all, what’s an audiofool?
Audiofools are usually audio enthusiasts gone crazy, this usually happens when their audio system is perfect and the only way to improve sound is by means of a mystical device, audiofools can be educated people plus they usually find other audiofools to compare and support their scientific claims mostly read in magazines supported by snake oil sellers.

What are snake oils products?
Snake oil products are usually made to improve sound by means of a dark scientific bullshit claims that are not supported by true scientific research.

Examples of snake oil: Burn-in CDs that demagnetize the circuits inside the components; cable elevators that elevate cables from the ground, CD treatments to reduce the vibration of a disc, ultra high-end cables made for digital signals, the list goes on because there is always a new way to milk the audiofools.

If you are like me and really enjoy music you should stay away from these improvements because the best way to improve sound is to buy better components or correct your listening room acoustics. Beware of magazines that review snake oil products.

Enjoy music and your audio system but stay away from snake oil stuff, because you will be dragged to the mystical world of rocks that improve the sonic stage of CD players and cables that are bit transparent.

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