To be or not to be an Audiophile!

I don’t like to use the term audiophile so lightly, these days many audio lovers are becoming stereophiles, mostly because of information mediums sponsored by snake oil patrons that make these people spend huge amounts of money in products they don’t need at all.

I consider myself an audio enthusiast and a music lover; those are terms I can relate to because I like to build audio related stuff and to read about it from engineering books, plus I enjoy music on my free time.

Every time I hear or read the word Audiophile it reminds me of old rich guys sitting in leather chairs looking to a blank wall, amazing floor-standing speakers on spikes and huge black mono-block amplifiers on the floor, thick cables running organized and a huge LP collection lurking in boxes near a High-End turntable with a stylus made of virgin hair and a plate made from blessed steel from the holy land. It’s not totally a bad thing at least the mono-blocks and loudspeakers.

That’s my honest opinion about the word audiophile these days, I might change my way of thinking in the future or as I get old and sit also on those leather chairs.
People now use audiophile for any product related to audio that looks expensive, if it’s expensive it must sound good, so it’s audiophile stuff, right? It should not be like that, because one can make a good system from budget audiophile components. Expensive doesn’t always sound good.

Long before I learned the A word, I enjoyed music , first from the ghetto blaster of my sister a competent JVC with full-range drivers and a horn driven bass port, man that thing was powerful on the bass, after that I had my own blaster from Samsung, soon I had a Sony Mini system and after that a Technics mini system and in between I had a Trust 2.1 multimedia system and a 4.1 Creative labs speaker system that I still have, but these days I’m more than happy with my entry level components from Pioneer , Philips and KEF. There is still space for other components but one should always be happy with good music.

True audiophiles still exist; they are like unicorns in a forest of stereophiles, they enjoy music and actually go to concerts, for there’s nothing better than a live show and no system can simulate it. Like a Broadway musical, you need to be there and see those legs and breasts moving with the music, see the details of the faces and the hips of those pretty gals, now that’s music for the audiophile in me!

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