Writing and opinions.

When I write an article I’m sharing my own experience on a subject that I usually enjoy, I’m normally limited by my academic skills and some built in common sense.
I do enjoy writing about social life and cultural themes, from what I see in the street to what I like to hear on my portable player, I can write with a lot of freedom because I’m in Europe but even so I still have some standards to guide my writing.

I try to write for all people from Europe to Asia, for those reasons I must respect all cultural aspects from politics to religion, because I don’t want to offend my readers. I just want to share ideas about stuff I enjoy daily or make a informal opinion about what I find wrong in my little Portugal.
I might make an educated opinion about the leader of North Korean ideas to nuke half world, I don’t want nuclear war because I have kids and I enjoy some cultural aspects of Asia. I hope their leader thinks about the people and starts a nuclear program to actually improve their style of life and not nuke his neighbors.

This space is usually work safe because of my kids, I might say some curse words but I also say them daily so I can’t do much about that.
I do have a very dark sense of humor and enjoy some typical jokes.

Anyway I’m not a professional, I write for fun, this space is made for fun and I hope I can share some of my ideas.

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