My writing problems.

Writing better is one of the reasons for publishing this blog in English. I also want my content to reach more people, and Google translate works better in English than in Portuguese.

It’s all about reaching to people, one thing is to re-publish a photo, video or song, and another is written content.

I could write in Portuguese. Sim, porque não em Português!? Escrevo muito melhor na minha língua materna, além de me puder expressar de várias maneiras que são complicadas de escrever em Inglês. Get it?
Reaching the reader in a language that isn’t mine can be hard sometimes.
I fall to the safety zone, using the same tried and true methods; repeating the same words many times and writing a lot in the first person. Being this a personal blog, it’s not a big problem but I would be in deep shit if I wanted to write for a magazine.

I would like to think “practice makes perfection” but because I’m lacking the necessary advanced grammar it will be hard to improve without some study.
I need to write even more, read and also study grammar more often.
Besides the plain English skills I got from school, I wrote a lot when I was a pen-pal and most of my written practice comes from there. I also see a lot of movies /series in English without subtitles, so these days I don’t actually have problems with hearing or reading English. I do have problems speaking it because I don’t have people to practice with.

I think most people should learn English from young age and I want my little ones to learn and enjoy English because it’s a door to the world of good movies, series and song lyrics!
My writing problems won’t go away and the only way for me to solve them is to practice.
I enjoy writing, so I write.

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