Why I don’t believe in some audiophile cable brands.

I could start by writing that all manufactures of audiophile cables sell expensive lies to their customers and only want to make an easy buck. Yes, I could do it but I believe cables are victims of bad marketing and so my target should not be the cables but their awful marketing campaigns and unreal price tags.

What advertising for analog signal cables looks better in your opinion?
Black professional grade cable, two copper conductors, braid and foil shields, high quality isolation, insert some specs data here, quality connectors from X reputable brand.
Audiophile quality cable, two directional copper conductors, braid and foil shields for a pure signal, high quality isolation used inside the International Space Station, insert reputable magazine reviews here, quality connectors made in-house.

Most enthusiasts will go for the niche audiophile cable because of the reputable audio magazine reviews with their insight about the sound of the cable. Let´s also not forget that most audiophile cables look, feel beautiful and have a great audio performance.
I would actually go for the professional grade cable, because I would believe in the specs and build quality of a brand that doesn’t want to lose returning professional costumers with hyped marketing and expensive prices.

What I read these days is that a company should target the price of the product based on the market. You make audiophile cables? Sell them expensive like all other companies because the buyers don’t go for cheap or accessible prices, they want the best and will pay for it.
Because of this line of thought audiophile cable prices are inflating to an absurd point. Sooner or later enthusiasts will flock to the professional cables because no one has money to buy a audiophile cable.

As for marketing, the bullshit advertising needs to stop soon or people will start losing respect for magazine reviews that are quoted on the ads. Just be true to the client, “we make cables that are beautiful and have these specs”, use half naked models if you want but don’t cover pretty cables with audiophile jargon like directional cables and cryogenic frozen conductors. For the sake of future generations, just go for the naked models and stop the bullshit based marketing.

Some brands do try to have a good marketing policy, so be happy every time you see a decent advertise campaign. Those are the ones you should help, not brands that sue small ones because of so called patent infringements, those bullies should return to the dark marketing place they came from.

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