Pro reviewers and biased articles.

I’m an amateur writer but I always try to be professional when writing an article. This means I need to have a no bias approach about the person or product I writing about.

I don’t like the fan-boy attitude of some online magazine editors that bow down to the brands they review just because they use their products in reference systems or those companies advertise on their sites and magazines.

Many sites that I’ll not point have that problem, in fact I get suspicious about biased articles every time I see ads on audio review sites.
I know these magazines/sites need to make money but they should not review the products they advertise, that’s wrong in my opinion.
That same goes for comments of editors in forums, some of these so called professionals can be very aggressive if someone attacks their pet brands.

Amateurs can be fan-boys but professionals have the moral right of being a neutral party in articles and comments, seeing them defending their advertisers can be very sad.
Think about it, how many audio magazines/sites you read that have no biased reviews?

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