The CD bashing and vinyl fanboys.


Audio CDs are old digital technology, in fact more than 30 years have passed since the first CD players hit the market.

Most audiophiles live by the vinyl analog motto; “digital sucks la la la”.
Digital did suck, audio mastering methods of the first audio CDs were based in vinyl and most audio engineers didn’t know how to work with the new digital medium.
Join bad mastering with the fact CD players had a long way to evolve in circuit technology and you have a formula for 30 years of audiophile bashing.

I think vinyl fanboys should leave CDs alone and think about what comes next, because the future will have no vinyl or plastic mediums to collect and show to the friends.
I am more than happy to hear 24bits at 96Khz music files and that’s nothing these days, digital never sounded so good!