The failure of digital radio in Portugal.

Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB started transmitting on my country in
August of 1998 during the World Expo98, millions were spent on a
broadcasting network that was built to be a failure like so many future
projects of my country.

What was the official reason for the failure, even with more than half country covered by the service?
Officially, there were no DAB listeners in Portugal!
Millions were spent on a network that had little or no use for the
population, so why do I have the feeling my taxes money got spent in
bullshit once again!?
I believe there were some listeners but the price of the receivers was very high for the typical consumer, most people didn’t jump to DAB because of that and the absence of information about this new service.

Now I’m glad I don’t have a DAB receiver because it would be an
expensive but useless tech brick.
The now silent DAB receivers can make company to the Magalhães portable computer for schools, another failed project but at least this last one failed because it was ahead of its time, but that’s another story.

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