Collector, special, limited or bullshit edition?

Like all fans I always try to buy the most complete edition of an album and this means I sometimes need to choose between many different editions to find the best one.
I find this task boring and not even the Internet saves the day! I loathe
multi-edition music albums!
As an example I´ll give you the “Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack”, search for it on the Internet and behold the bullshit editions for sale.

Welcome to the multi-edition hell for fans!
Should I buy the special double CD, digipack double CD with special
booklet, digipack single CD with special hardcover book, triple CD with
hardcover book and metal box, double CD with Vinyl bonus and hardcover book and special engraved wood box or should I buy the bullshit edition and download the lossless songs from the internet because I tired of being milked.
So many choices only one outcome!

Why the need to release so many editions of an album, are music companies helping the fans or just making easy money?
As usual I believe it’s the idea of easy money, most people will be happy
with the regular release but true fans will flock to the special
collector’s bullshit edition and then to what usually comes next.
Those kinds of editions are made and released in a predefined timing to
milk the fans, they do work but may have a little side problem. They make us spend more money in the long run and I don’t enjoy spending more money in multi-editions if I can buy a better thing from the start!

For me there should be only two editions, the regular and the hardcore fan edition, no special country editions (nationalism at its finest) or digipack editions that have a different box from the regular editions and
just one more song, the list goes on and on.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of many different quality releases,
from CD to Vinyl, even HD lossless files for the computer audiophile but
I’m tired of being milked by music companies.
Someone who buys an album is already a fan. He or she deserves respect from the start.

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