The right to a free musical culture in poor economies.

I believe artists and the music company workers should get paid for their talent and work, but not everybody can pay the same way.

Most artists are very professional about their work and should also get all the money they deserve for it. Think about that every time you download a Indie artist work, think that he/she had to pay for all the instruments, rent a studio or at least rent some equipment to make the mastering work on their album, next time if you have access to a way of paying the artist try to help him/her by paying for their work.

Most Indie artists deserve all the help they can get, but I won’t say the same for huge “stars” paid by the corporate music companies. I don´t enjoy paying a life of luxury for fabricated stars! The funny thing is that most Indie artists dream about being stars and sooner or later they might end in a corporate music company, ironic because some of them hate the corporate world.

In a not so distant past free access to culture had a problem, only rich people could afford to buy music albums.
Today with the Internet even poor families can hear their favorite songs on a portable player.
Most corporations fear this kind of freedom because they think people will not buy more music if they find it free on the Internet.
Corporate thinking at its finest and by the way those are the same corporations that make recordable discs and recorders! Classic bullshit!
I think this is wrong because people who hear pirated music would never actually buy those albums in the first place, they just don’t have the money for those little luxuries.

People should have the right to access free albums without fear of retaliation from corporations, because some of these companies actually make money from recordable discs and related tech.

To end my rant, free access to music is not as bad to the music economy as corporations make you think at least in poor countries.
Remember always buy the album if you can or at least go to the concerts of your favorite bands.

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