The amazing budget headphones from Philips.

After the death of my K420 I had to search for a cheap replacement and I found it by chance on a topic on Head-Fi . A user from that community wrote
that the Philips SHE 3580 could compete (if equalization was used) with his 400USD Etymotic Research in-ear headphones, now you don’t see someone who
spends 400USD defending a 16€ budget headphone very often! So after reading his post I went to the store and bought two pairs of Philips SHE3590 (new version but same specs).

Now for 16€ these things sound amazing if a proper sealing tip is used, for this price go buy a pair and try them for a while! Don’t cry if they stand
against your 100€ or 200€ in-ear headphones, be glad because you can stock up these pearls and even give them as gifts!
They do work way better if EQ is used and they need a nice headphone
amplifier if possible.
Out of the box, I’m shocked by their sound!

These Philips in-ear headphones will be great during the typical Portuguese very hot summer, because I really can’t use my around-the-ear headphones with hot weather.

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