The Portuguese crisis of dedicated portable audio players.

The big stores in Portugal don’t have much choice if you want a dedicated portable audio player.
Ok, you got the typical Apple products, some stuff from Sony and Philips and a lot of white brands on the shelves! It sucks hard because the stores have tons of cheap stuff and a lot of expensive gear but very little in between!

Ok, smartphones might be an alternative to dedicated audio players in that price range but a all-in-one smartphone will rarely win over a dedicated audio player in terms of battery and sound quality.

It would be nice to have some mid-price range to choose from, because even today my Sony PSP is still one of the best mid-price multimedia players on sale and the thing is a bulky portable console for God Sake!

Is it hard for a store to stock up gear from the Sony Walkman range, Philips, Creative and other respectable audio brands? Is there no market to mid-priced audio gear?
The smartphone market gave a mighty push to the sales of headphones so there is hope that some users will cross over to the dedicated audio players, let’s hope there is more on sale in the future than there is today.

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