The “special” marketing plague in Hi-Fi gear and brands.

Everybody wants to be special or at least have something special in his or her life.
I’m not special in any way to the world, or at least I don’t feel like it
from that point of view.
I’m special for my family and friends, because I’m a part of their life, that’s the best gift I could have and I don’t try to be special or force such thing by saying out loud.

This brings me to the “special” marketing plague in audiophile gear.
I first noticed this plague when I started visiting some audiophile websites that I will not badmouth, they would have reviews about how special this or that gear was, all in a very subjective way, because it seems these days all gear must be special.

That’s bullshit! There is gear that is truly special because it changed something, for example the Cmoy headphone amplifier is a truly special piece of gear because for some it was their first contact with DIY electronics, now that’s special in my book.
The 1st Walkman and Ipod are special because they changed the way we hear music.
These days some brands are using the fashion branding tactic, some
headphone brands use soccer players to advertise their gear, oh I’m sure they sell lots of gear because many teens look at soccer players as an example, usually that’s a good thing but with audio that’s not so good! Specially if you have better gear at way lower prices!
Now I might understand if you buy headphones endorsed by your favorite artist, composer, audio engineer, those people actually care for music and good sound or at least they should.

Gear has a function and should do it the best way possible, there is no need to claim it as special, because a true special thing will always endure in this fashion oriented world of ours.
Want an example, see Hi-Fi stuff made by Braun during the 70s and 80s…That’s special gear even today!

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