Tools, price and DIY.

So I was searching for a cutting mat and got a nasty overpriced surprise, 35€ for a mat!
These shops owners are crazy, who in his right mind pays so much for a board to cut things on?
Answer…Scrap bookers, yep they actually pay for it!
All other cheap ass DIYers like me, actually make the darn things. I’ll make one from formica laminate, I’ll not pay 35€ for some pretty lines over a green background!

This brings me to the price of good tools for my electronics hobby.
I need a nice 20 MHz 2 channel analogue scope, I’m searching the second hand market in my area so maybe I’m lucky! Digital oscilloscopes are way too expensive for me because I got other priorities these days.

At least I got a way to build a nice power supply  from an ATX PSU, lucky me!
Tools are the reason why DIY isn’t always cheap.