The Super HD MK.IV bullshit name. Rev2.0

When I was a kid I really enjoyed all those fancy tech names on military jetplanes. I think most kids are like that and also many DIYers.
I’ll not give exact examples but there is a certain DIYer that makes amplifier boards that really loves this type of names. It’s really funny but a true headache for other DIYers that want to assemble his boards, because there are many versions.

I understand the need to use this type of naming schemes when a factory makes lots of models, but I think DIYers should only use this kind of branding to help finding a model not to make the model look cool. Give a cool name to the gear and leave the model number outside the view.

Seeing DIYers using this kind of factory branding makes me smile, because I think handmade is one of the strengths of DIY against factory made.
DIY gear doesn’t need complex names to be cool, it’s made by us so it’s cool enough! Best example I can give is the mighty Cmoy headphone amplier, the thing has the name of it’s creator, best name ever for a DIY project!

I’m not against corporate name schemes if they are really needed but if you are a DIYer don’t overdo it because your gear will lose credibility!
In my opinion many versions of the same gear might mean that the gear wasn’t very good in the first place. Also if someone wants to buy something from you they might be affraid to do it, because when you release new stuff you are always making old versions obsolete.

This is REV 3.2 of the text. 😀

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