Audiophile candy boxes.

A candy box should protect and advertise in a good way the candies inside, just like any good audiophile gear does the same in hope that what’s inside should feel as pretty as the outside is. Not always true but people love candy boxes and some even collect them without the candies!

The same is true for audiophiles, some collect or hoard (depends on the viewer) beautiful  Hi-Fi gear, in search for that illusive audio nirvana they hoard many pieces of the same wonderful amplifier because it’s the only way to revive that vintage piece of gear. It’s more or less like buying many candy boxes to replace a bad one.
I would be fine with this if it didn’t inflate the price of broken and vintage gear to very high prices. In their quest to get their gear fixed they only think about themselves, and that’s a recipe for bullshit! The sad thing is that most of these guys doesn’t know how to actually fix something so many of them hoard stuff in hope that one day they will fix something that didn’t broke yet! Sad but true!

I admit that I also enjoy a nice candy box from time to time but like all things too much candy can make us sick.
These days I see many young people going for headphones and not the typical Hi-Fi gear, but some that have access to their parents or grandparents gear try to use it and do have fun with it! So yea I’m glad there are still candy boxes around because we should share our love for music.

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