The death of stereo and the rise of multi-channel.

Stereo is dead, long live multi-channel!
This is the picture I get from visiting shopping center stores, multi-channel gear has a huge projection and consumers think stereo is a thing of the past. I don’t think like that so here’s my take on the topic.

I don’t like multi-channel for home use mostly because people don’t place their loudspeakers correctly, plus its a cable mess if its not done by professionals.
Spending 500€ on a set of home theater loudspeakers amplified by a cheap ass multi-channel amp is not my idea of quality audio even if its just lossy from a DVD.
A simple stereo setup and a subwoofer can make wonders for movies and still have the necessary quality to present music in a detailed way.
I think there is no need for sound bars and other audio gizmos, for me all of this is a sign of the times we live, bigger should be better right?
Big rooms, big specs, big audio nonsense.
Even at the movies I can see this pattern, SPLs off the charts and the projection staff needs to lower the volume some minutes in the movie because people complain. A bad calibrated movie theater is like a bad home theater full of bullshit.

Companies need to sell stuff, so the best companion to a huge ass TV besides the video player (insert format here) is a multi-channel set. It remembers me of those promotions on the market place, buy one take more shit to your home. People think stereo is a thing of the past but they hear it all the time on their portable gear, maybe that’s the new hype, multi-channel portable gear!

Piece of advice, keep it simple, buy quality not quantity and your gear will last beyond the multi-channel studio wars.

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