Piracy and middle ground for fans.

Lets face it, if you use the internet sooner or later you’ll download or stream something copyrighted. Does it make you a pirate? You bet it does and there is no middle ground in the music labels business, if you hear it without paying you are a nasty pirate, so say arrgg mate and welcome to the world of online piracy.

I don’t like freeloaders in the train or in the bus, and you can bet that I  don’t like them on torrent sites. They are usually teenagers or young adults that think music should be free, maybe when they work people don’t pay them because work should be done for free. Some of them actually complain about the quality of pirated music, imagine a car thief complaining about a stolen car, hilarious isn’t it?

Musicians work and enjoy getting paid like you and me, so when freeloaders download or stream illegal music they are not helping their favorite artist, on the other hand maybe they are not really fans so the artist doesn’t lose much on the long run.
Freeloaders are people that don’t love music and don’t respect their favorite artists. I just love it when these kind of people brag that they have lots of music on their computers, for me that’s bullshit, kids stuff!
Anyway I do love when I see a good CD collection, for that people can brag all they want, true fans should have the right to brag.

So what happens if the pirate is actually a true fan ?
For me that’s the middle ground, people that download pirate music and actually buy the CDs.
When I was young I bought lots of CDs and some of them were really bad picks, if I had the internet I would not make those mistakes.
So yea piracy can actually make you save money and find good quality albums and or artists.

So why people on the middle ground don’t buy more CDs from online stores? 
First the customs taxes can be a pain, want a CD from Japan? 60€ for a double CD isn’t unsual! Bullshit!
Yes, you can buy imported CDs on Europe, don’t forget the bullshit price tag. Paying online also sucks, I’m glad I got a thing called MBnet in Portugal, if not I couldn’t buy anything that asked for a credit card. Paypal…please don’t get me started! I avoid it like the European plague.

Shipment prices can suck also, a 17€ CD can go up to 23€ because of shipment and this in Europe by express mail, now imagine shipping from USA or Japan!
So even I understand if people pirate their favorite artists, with these kind of bullshit prices people show the finger to online stores.

Typical legal alternatives to CDs….
itunes… I love paying for compressed music! In fact I enjoy it so much that I only buy it if there’s no alternative, that’s why I like bandcamp and their lossless encoding options.

Pandora… Not in Portugal but see above… Spotify… see above.
Yes I like streamed music…in the bathroom if possible or in parties!

Anyway, sites that sell lossless music are fine for me but I enjoy having the CD and the booklet, it’s a collectors thing.
This brings me to the fact that if there is a good easy way fans will actually buy CDs or download legal music. I do it all the time, just don’t expect me to pay 60€ for a imported CD because for those even I will go the arrgg mate way!

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