Organizing clutter and the minimalist lies.

So you got clutter in your life, that’s good!

It means you actually have a life!
Some years ago I wanted a more minimal life and for a time it did work, it was a good experience but it wasn’t for me. Not that I don’t mind the simple lines and clutter free houses but I learned that I’m a vintage and rustic lover (industrial sometimes) and I got some clutter in my life that I want to keep, just not all.

If you are really in to some hobbies, clutter is a side effect and you’ll need to get stuff organized your way.
Remember that what works best for me might not work for you and that each of us live in different houses with different ways of life.
Try stuff until it works.

I really get upset by some simplicity gurus that say that you don’t need stuff in your life to be happy, if you are a DIYer like me you’ll need tools and raw materials to build the things you enjoy, just don’t get carried away and buy stuff you don’t really need.
I do get their point people these days go shopping to be happy, that’s a bit strange in my book, because I build stuff to feel happy.
Anyway I believe in buying quality stuff, sharing, repairing, and understanding the true price behind cheap stuff.
It’s all about balance.

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