The dangers of DIY.

After working a decade in civil construction I have a pretty idea that shit happens to all of us specially if we are makers of things.
My typical advice is to use protection gear and always but always think about safety first! In fact most DIY sites remember that all the time, but people forget about it or are just lazy because using safety gear is so very hard…ohhh boy…

Anyway I decided to write about this stuff after reading about a little acident with a dremel tool, if a disk brakes at 10.000RPM and hits your face you’ll feel pain, lots of it and if you don’t protect your eyes you might actually get blind because of it.
Shit like that also happens to professionals, one day I was using an angle grinder and a piece of hot iron melted my prescription glasses, a 120€ mistake but at least I didn’t get blind! Since that day I always use full face protection with big powertools!

Powertools might be fun but they can have massive torque and RPMs, they can also damage your hearing in the long run and my father is living proof of that.

DIY can also deal with electricity and that’s another danger that many makers, specially the audiophile ones tend to forget.
DIY valve amplifiers can kill you, one mistake and you might actually kick the bucket. I shit you not, valve amps are for experienced makers not newbies and I see newbies making stuff like that all the time. Start by easy projects without super power supplies.

Safety first! DIY should be fun!

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