The 90s cult!

In 1996 I was half my age and things were a bit diferent.
Didn’t had internet or a computer; my Walkman was my life; still had hair; didn’t had a cellphone and I was shy, so very shy.

No I don’t want to go back to the 90s even if they were special to me, because:

My tablet now has more power than a computer from that time; my Nokia cellphone can take pictures, tune radio, play music and games; Internet is way more fun now; hair is overated XD; I’m still shy at heart even if I must deal with many people at work; I’m a father and it rocks; I found love; I have my home… so no I don’t want to return to the 90s and I don’t understand why people want to revive that time!
Believe me the past should remain in the past.

What did you do during the 90s?