A curious tale of prejudice in a audiophile store.

So I said to an audiophile store owner that I don’t like to call myself audiophile and that I really didn’t get why so many audiophiles only hear Jazz in their systems, like it was the holy grail of audiophiles. True Jazz audiophile lovers I’m sorry but even you guys must notice that people who hear rock and pop after a while will only hear Jazz in their systems, at least near other audiophiles.

Don’t get me wrong I must admit that I was a bit hard on my words…
Also let me state that I had to tell the owner that I don’t belong to the consumer side of the Hi-Fi and that I like to build stuff instead.
I also said I respect the products but I know the true price of most stuff he had in the store, plus that I didn’t believe in the cable voodoo shit.

I think I got to his nerves when I said the jazz thing! His words to me and I’ll quote “ Sir, that’s a lot of prejudice” and to that I replied “This is what I see on audio shows and online”.

Now I’ll tell another tale.
I’m usually really nice to most people, but I can be a true bastard when it comes to snake oil sellers, and my friends that store sells those very transparent…cof cof…cables, if you get my idea.

If I return I’ll not touch the subject again because the guy only wants to sell his stuff and I can’t blame him.

I use the tag audiophile because I have the hope that I’ll find more people that enjoy all types of music and also people that don’t believe in audio voodoo.

This was a curious tale of my prejudice in a audiophile store.

A note, I don’t go to audio shows since 2004, when I went sellers didn’t give a shit about me because I was young and had no money.
Now I’m older and have money but I don’t give a shit about sellers or audio shows….Karma is a bitch! XD
I have the right to have some prejudice I’m not perfect and don’t want to be!

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