Headphones marketing, teens & parents.

Tumblr is a funny thing, I see some teens with really expensive headphones, that would not be a problem if they or their parents were buying really good stuff but most of the time that’s not the case.

You guys & gals should already know that I really don’t like marketing bullshit and with headphones just like cables bullshit is sadly a normal thing.
Teens go with the hype and fashion, well most of them go…Its your duty as parents to say “NO you will not buy shitty headphones with my money!”. Education isn’t just “don’t F&%$ your life because of this and that” education is telling WHY you shouldn’t do things that will f%&$ up your life.

All parents were teens, I had a difficult time being a teen so I still remember what it was like. I also remember the advice of my parents and I’m glad for them!

So if you are a teen even if you feel older than that, get informed and don’t eat that marketing bullshit, do your own trends and buy because of sound & construction quality not hype. You feel mature right? So do mature things, don’t just act like it.

If you are a parent you should also get informed before you spend your hard earned money. Use the internet (many sources) not store owners.
TALK with your unhappy teen…explain that he/she can buy really amazing brands for the amount of money they would spend in hype headphones.
Also explain that they can buy 2 things with the price of a pair of hyped headphones: A good portable headphone amplifier and a good pair of headphones, they will look cooler than most teens and will enjoy true audio quality.

Now things aren’t this easy, to do this you need a teen that can talk with you and parents that actually let teens talk.

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