The enclosure problem.

I have a problem…I collect boxes! XD
I have lots of little black plastic boxes for projects and also some really expensive aluminium ones. I shit you not one of these days I’ll take a picture!
I’m always searching for new beautiful boxes and I hate it so much because most of them suck!

A nice enclosure is the final touch of a project and I can’t understand why they are so hard to find in stores and online.
Ok, you have Hammond but its expensive like hell, you can buy 19″ rack enclosures but they are expensive to send by mail, you can always recycle old 19″ stuff but it’s not ok if you want to sell stuff to friends. “Oh look! This box was from a old 19” router!“…if it’s a gift that’s not a problem but if they pay, it is a problem because you want to sell more and old recycled stuff doesn’t cut it in the long term!

Beautiful enclosures are a pain to find or to make and they are one of the most important things on a project in my opinion, because you’ll have to live with them for a long time. So I collect boxes…

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