My audio team & why I bash some audiofool claims.

In audio I believe in 3 types of people: Friends, Audio engineers and Electronics Engineers.
I don’t believe in sellers because they have the need to make money and because of it ,they are biased. Lets face it, they do need to feed their family so yea they will sell snake oil to you if you have the money.

I believe in professional audio without bullshit, audiophile expensive crap is not for me and even if I was rich I wouldn’t buy bullshit! It’s all a question of marketing these days and that stuff is the bane of true audio enthusiasts.

I don’t give a shit if people like vinyl, valves or tape, but don’t come to me with marketing bullshit to explain why you like those things and don’t bring biased and untrue facts to say your gear sound better than all the others.
It’s your gear and such it should sound better than all the others because it’s yours to enjoy. I love my simple setup to me it’s the best in the world.

People need goals, audiophiles want the best sound reproduction possible, most of them are not happy with their systems and because of marketing lose focus on whats important. Music and it’s simple joy.

Sex & audio…related! 
Most people love to make sex..fact.
Most people love to hear music..fact.

Now imagine that you plan every single detail for a night of sex.
Now imagine that you plan every single detail for a night of music.

Now imagine that your lover arrives.
Now imagine that your system plays music.

Two choices:
1.Enjoy the sex and have fun even if some details got lost.
1.Enjoy the music and have fun even if some details got lost.

2.Stop having sex because something is wrong with the bed.
2.Stop listening to music because something is wrong with the sofa.

Audio enthusiasts would do the first one, audiofools who buy bullshit would do the second one for sure.
I love to joke about this…Some people don’t hear music anymore, they hear details and noise floor.

Have sex and hear music or do both at the same time! XD

BTW one should not take me too seriously when it comes to bashing audiofools, It’s a sport to me…I enjoy getting them mad! They look so cute when them talk about their amazing hearing…my ears are very good also, I can filter bullshit with them when some sellers talk to me.

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