Building my passive audio router.

Yea, I’m actually building something for a change…Yeeeaaaa for me!

Got tired of Y adaptors so I started building a passive stereo signal router.

Easy concept, computer audio goes in, I select one of 3 independent positions, stereo signal goes out to one of them.

Passive but it still needs power because I want the thing to show me the current position of the selector via LEDs. I’ll use a cellphone charger to power the thing up.

The funny thing about this box is that I can actually do another one and have a 3 in x 3 out.

Anyway the ground signal will not be common, I’m using a 4P3T BBM rotary switch, this way I’ll use 2 poles for the left and right channels, 1 pole for the ground and 1 for the LED power on.

The BBM is very important, braking the contact before making the new cantact means I wont have any chance of short circuits or other nastys.

The box looks nice but it has that plastic DIY homemade feel, even so I gave it some nice details I’ll show later when I get home. The front panel now has a wood vinly sticker and it’s a really nice change from the typical plastic black

I love the LEDs and the knob, the LEDs are from Vishay and have a flat top and a really soft green, they look really nice, the knob is the typical retro one.

The labels will be a pain, but I got some ideas that I’ll work on.

I’m going point-to-point in this one but I think its normal because it’s after all only some jacks, cable and a rotary switch no need to get too fancy.

Later I’ll show some photos.

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