The kitchen table DIYer, my tale.

I have an amazing workbench but I still use my kitchen table, so what gives? Why do I still use the kitchen table to solder.

Behold the domino effect!

My dinner room still has leaks in the rooftop (go to the archive for more rooftop hell) so because of that I can’t actually use it 100%, now I need power to work and I also need an extension cord to power my workbench, this little factor means I need to run a power cable on a floor that sometimes has water in it, not good so I don’t actually do it very often.

Now without power I can’t use any tools so I go to the 2nd best place to work, yep the kitchen table!

With this little nag in my mind, I’m working in a way of powering my tools from a wall near my workbench, I’ll have to run a power cable from a derivation box I got near the celling, if it goes like I want, I’ll have power in the workbench and will have no need to run a cable on the floor.

I love to work in the kitchen table since I was a kid but it’s a bad move if you got little kids at home.

If I always use the workbench I can teach them to respect the workplace and tools, in a kitchen table where they eat thats only possible with knives. Some tools I use are very dangerous and I really don’t want them near my little ones.

Anyway until then I’ll have to work in my kitchen table…it sucks.

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