Why do I care so much about my hearing.

Every year I got an earache episode, I got this stuff since I was a kid and I actually had to go to an hospital once to clean one of my ears, cleaning a ear canal is not really pleasant. It was very very painful because my ear drum was not ok at the time.

Anyway because of those problems, I don’t take my good hearing for granted, this means I try to be careful with loud music or noise.

When all is fine my hearing is really good but when I get one of those episodes I feel like I’m inside water, it’s awful!

I really cherish my hearing because I can’t do much to avoid these earaches, my father also has the same problem but because he wasn’t careful he already lost some of his hearing.

This stuff is no joke, most musians and audio engineers cringe at the thought of hearing problems but I think a great deal of people take hearing for granted and they don’t imagine how fragile the ears really are.

Schools and audio companies should teach teenagers that loud music can damage hearing forever. Everytime I hear the loud earbuds of someone else, I feel sad because that person sooner or later will have hearing problems.

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