9V dual rail cmoy.

My 9V dual rail cmoy with the Jan Meier Crossfeed (2 positions & bypass).
The plastic box is lined with aluminium tape and the perfboards rest on pcb cooper boards, it’s a fully modular project.
Opamp made by Burr-Brown (2132PA), I’m using the original ones still made by Burr-Brown if that stuff actually matters to some of ya.
Two AMB sigma25 9V boards in dual rail configuration and a simple power bank.

Audio jack by Neutrik, RCA jacks are gold plated or something like that, LEDs by Vishay and bad cable work by your friend here.
10x Gain it does have some noise using my test earbuds but I need to test it a little more. I wont show more photos of this thing.

I learned a lot from this little project and thats what matters most.

Sound is really good for such a project, I recommend doing it but without all the fancy crossfeed and dual rail supply, it sounds really good powered by a 9V and a TLE rail splitter.