Some thoughts about AC coupling.

Some audiophile remove dc filtering caps from their source devices saying that they degrade the sound of their setups, usually I read stuff like electrolytic caps suck, bass gets cut off, my (insert device name here) does not have any dc problems, my preamp already has filtering and the list goes on.

My questions to those diyers are below.
Do you think the R & D department of the (insert brand here) knows less about electronics than a diy enthusiast, if your answer is yes, I think you should remove your head from your ass, just saying!
Devices stray from specs so even if it doesn’t have dc offset now there is a chance shit will happen later down the road, will you risk your hard earned money because of some Hz in the low-end that your speakers cant actually reproduce without subwoofer help
Can you detect coupling caps in a blind test? Blind tests are the bane of bullshit audiophile myths.

I enjoy electronics but I usually don’t go by the audiophile book, because its usually full of bullshit and some of it can put my gear at risk.
I think removing caps from the audio path is more or less like changing a jellybean opamp for a audiophile one that can actually degrade your system performance because of oscillations.
I found about dc offset when I read about it on the original cmoy article, even if its a very important thing that can destroy a pair of expensive headphones the cmoy article only shows the caps because the original virtual ground goes batty when you plug Low-Z headphones.
My luck is that I usually do my homework before I go guns blazing in to a project even if its a simple one.
After doing some research on the layout of my ART Headamp 4 I noticed the dc filtering caps it has on all outputs. ART is a respectable studio equipment maker so this says a lot about their worry to protect expensive headphones, not like some audiophile companies or designers.

Some of you might say they don’t agree with me, to those I say this: Imagine you have really fast car but it could go just a bit faster if you removed all the safety devices, would you do it? If your answer is yes, you don’t love your gear and should see your loudspeakers or headphones blow up. I’m an evil one.

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