I really don’t like the word audiophile.

I usually rant about lots of things audiophile related and use the tag audiophile a lot but I admit I don’t like the word.

The word audiophile is becoming a stereotype for rich people that think less of other audio enthusiasts because they don’t have the so called “golden ear” and also a golden wallet to buy gear like a maniac.
In hope that I find some audio enthusiasts that think more or less like me, I do need to use the tag audiophile but I don’t like it.

The wikipédia entries for audiophile and High-End Audio are good examples of the problematic behind the so called audiophile world.
Have a look at the “Talk” section of both articles and you’ll see what I mean!

Audio enthusiast is by far a better description of a person who enjoys audio with good quality, but it’s a awful tag.