Audiophile BS reloaded…on why I rant so much about it.

There is only one type of audiophile that I don’t like, the “know it all” arrogant type, I admit that I have little to no patience for that kind of audio enthusiast.
Sadly most audiophile old farts tend to fall in that category, they think other audio enthusiasts with less money can’t enjoy music like they do.

The stereotype of the audiophile is the middle aged guy with some money to spend in his ever changing audio gear and a gifted “golden ear” that can notice the nuaces of the bullshit super high-end cables.
Now because of those guys most audio enthusiasts are viewed by some in the professional audio community as “nut cases”. Lets face it, some audiophiles claim their loudspeakers are better than top of the line studio monitors.
In their arrogance these old farts claim they understand audio better than professionals who study years about the subject.
I don’t relate to the stereotype of the audiophile, I think everyone can enjoy good quality no matter the budget they have. I also don’t believe in BS spread by audiophile snake oil companies that need to lie to sell their gear. Like I said in the past I believe in audio professionals because they are the true masters of audio.

I will always point the finger against audiophile BS.
Enjoy music no matter your budget, because music is universal and wonderful.

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