Consumerism and desire.

Like all people I fall victim of my own consumer desires, the “I want” becomes the “I need”, but do I really need new stuff to enjoy my music, it’s a personal question that touches the core of the consumer society we live on.

If my desires had their way I would have some top of the line Sony Walkman,a Sony portable amp and some Shure in-ear monitors, but I don’t need that stuff, to be sincere I don’t need much stuff in my life if I look to it on a certain frugal angle.
Consumer desire is “implanted” since we are born, sometimes I see children screaming because they want something, they want a toy that we can’t give because it’s expensive, they want some T-Shirt with pretty characters, it’s the “I want” since we are kids until we grow up and still want better and more, consumer society is like that and its hard to go out of that circle.

Now I’m using a new tactic to avoid some expenses, the “do I need it or do I find it pretty and want it because of that?“
Most of the time it’s the pretty new toy desire but sometimes I do need new stuff because the old one can’t keep up or doesn’t work in my style of life anymore.

We change and consumer habits also change with us, that’s why we need to buy new stuff to wear when we become adults, I for once don’t see myself using some of my T-Shirts from my teen years, not that I mind Avantasia or metal bands on my chest but now it just looks wrong on me. Music isn’t the center of my universe anymore, I still love it but I also need to look sharp because I got a job and need to feed my family.

I think we should buy good stuff if possible but not just because we want it but also because we need it in our life.

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