Hello! What is your stance on the digital vs analog sound? Also, I totally agree with you in the fancy cables, conductivity is conductivity. Good reads though. Thanks!

Hi there! Thanks, its always nice to have some feedback! 🙂
About my stance on the neverending digital vs analog sound wars, I enjoy digital sound….I shall now put my shootgun over the shoulder and wait for the analog lovers! XD Let them come!
In a more serious way I think (and I said this in the past) all digital studio gear is light years ahead of the harsh bad recordings of the first years of the audio compact disc, the same goes for digital players.
I like my experience with music to be a constant one, tapes and Vinyl degrade over time and I don’t enjoy the problems related with that.
Now I do enjoy the analog feel some digital recordings have, its fun to have hiss on a digital recording when you need a nostalgic feel on the recording.

That being said, I believe the format should be as faithful and constant as the day it was first played.
I also think one should have the best digital quality possible, but anything above 24bits, 96khz wont bring anything new to the music unless you have a really good system and bat ears…
So yea I’m not an analog guy but I can hear digital recordings of vinyl just fine! 😉