Vinyl resurgence, because people want beautiful stuff.

The other day I read somewhere that vinyl sales are on the rise again, people are buying more and more records and the amazing fact is that the buyers all mostly young people.
In a Mp3 and file sharing world young people are actually buying big, not practical records of old days, but why?
My first reaction was hype, young people are like pigeons they follow each other threads but it must have something behind it to appeal to such a large crowd.

In my modest opinion people enjoy the massive artwork and the little cult you have before playing a record, lets face it tumblr is full of photos of records and people enjoy sharing their record stores and market finds.

I think this is a lesson for music editors all around the world, people buy stuff to collect and if you make it they will come.

I respect people who enjoy vinyl and have fun hearing music from it! (Just don’t tell me its better in sound quality or I’ll bite like a hellhound )
From a record shop commercial point of view if people buy lots of records the prices will rise again, so beware of high prices in a not so far future.
As for me I’ll keep my lossless collection and compact disc one also.