Home theater disaster.

Yes at home I own an amazing White brand CRT TV, oh I can feel the pain of the people reading this and imagine I usually watch TV shows and movies on my Asus 720p TFT and thats it.
I use my desktop computer for most of my daily needs and I don’t actually need to watch HD TV at home so yea I still got a CRT, well I have two because my kitchen also has a little CRT TV.
That being said I only have 4 public TV channels, yes its amazing XD I live in the dark ages of home theater!
I have a huge CRT at the house of my parents, a Sony Wega that was one of the last CRT Sony made, it has a subwoofer inside so you can imagine the size of the thing! Amazing sound quality for a TV if I might brag about it, no flat panel can have that sound.
These days I can’t bring that Wega TV to my home, it needs two strong persons to lift it and my parents live in a 3rd floor, but I want that CRT on my living room because it has a wonderful color and blacks.
So for a guy that enjoys audio so much my home theater is a disaster…and thats why I go to the movies when I really want to watch something, nothing beats a movie theater when you got a CRT TV! XD

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