About ads & audio magazines.

I believe ads are a necessary evil in this consumer oriented world, good ads sell stuff and that’s a good thing for companies that need to make some money, the main problem is when ads are full of bullshit, and it does happen a lot in the audiophile world but not so much in the professional oriented market.

I have my theory why the two audio worlds are so different, it’s called user knowledge.
I’m subscribed to some professional audio magazines that need to balance ads with reviews and most of the time I don’t see BS on their ads.
Ok, they make claims BUT always supported with facts or opinions of professionals users.
Professional users have a lot of knowledge about their work tools and so they don’t need BS to buy products, now in the other hand audiophiles are a complicated loot.

Most audiophile magazines have BS on their ads, why?
Because most audiophiles believe blindly in the opinion of those magazines, so when you see ads on those magazines they always claim that some magazine gave the product a good review, I think you get my point, you don’t see professionals giving their word for the products. One of the few audiophile magazines I enjoy reading with balanced BS it’s called “What’s Hi-Fi” , they at least try to put less BS on their ads and I respect that.
Another one its called “Audio & Cinema em Casa” a very old Portuguese audiophile magazine, the co-founder and editor of that magazine is the chairman of EISA aka European Imaging and Sound Association and I do have a huge respect for Mr. Jorge Gonçalves an engineer by trade even when he claims audio cables make a difference.

I know audiophile magazines need to make money to stay alive so they allow BS on their ads, but even so I think they could at least try to filter BS from their ads.

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