About Hi-Fi cables and connectors.

Before starting this rough opinion about Hi-Fi cables and connectors, I want to get some stuff out of the way.

I don’t believe in audiophile BS cabling, I know a founder of a audiophile cable company, I have a huge respect for him but I don’t believe in the claims about his cables.

I do believe in quality of the connectors and the raw materials some companies use for making their products but that’s from a mechanical point of view, good stuff will last more.

If you want good cables try professional or hospital grade products, for connectors try professional stuff. For my projects I sometimes use Sommer cables and Neutrik connectors but that’s my personal taste.

Some no BS tips for cables and connectors:

Analogue unbalanced signal connections: You should keep cables as short as possible.

Analogue digital signal connections: You can use ferrite beads to clean RFI noise from the signal but besides that its only 1s and 0s and DACs don’t process RFI noise.

Speaker and headphone cables: You don’t need oxygen free copper because today that metal already has a lot of purity in its standard production. Also keep cables as short as possible, because they are also affected by external noise, long cables will have more resistance and amps don’t like that.

AC power cables: You can use ferrite beads if you are paranoid about interference but remember the power supply should clean most of the noise. Also remember that unless you are crazy rich your home will have standard power cables inside its walls and this means that 1meter or audiophile BS cable and connectors will not improve shit on your system.

Optical cables: Keep the tips of the cables clean and forget about them.

Connectors: Keep them rust free and you should not have problems. A good soldering is important to have a good signal path.

Fabric sleeves on cables: They look good, make the cable last a bit longer but don’t improve the signal. They can solve some mechanical sounds that travel headphone cables.

Materials: They are important, because if the plastic is shitty the cable will brake faster, the same goes for the cross section of a wire, really thin wires will fail sooner that quality wires, in power cables always read the specs or you can put your house at risk.

Like I said not so long ago there is no voodoo in interconnections. You can make your own cables (its fun), or you can buy them, I have some nice Philips cables and they do the work. Stock cables are ugly and not very solid but I did some blind tests and didn’t notice a thing versus other brands and even a DIY cable.

You don’t need exotic cables in your system because inside most components there is no exotic cables to begin with, only normal copper cables.
Anyone that says otherwise, wants to sells you BS cables or bought BS cables, the ones who bought BS cables can have a nice cup of blind tests maybe that way they can spend money in what really matters, loudspeakers, amps and imagine that, good recorded music!

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