Audio Enthusiasts – Internetsandman – Welder.

 shares my love for FLAC audio files and Schiit audio products, that portable gear looks really sweet.

1. Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Canadian welder working full time, currently waiting to go back to school for my trade to advance my career. I’m also really into videogames, they occupy a fair amount of my time when I’m not at work, though I definitely play less than I used to.

2. What music do you enjoy and why?
Classical, modern orchestral, and jazz music are my favourites in general, along with rock and alternative music. I also highly enjoy some music in languages other than English, even though I can’t understand the lyrics

3. Why are you enthusiastic about audio?
I love listening to music, and the more of my music I can hear, the better. High end audio can let you hear and feel more of the sound, the detail and texture of the sound can be incredibly enjoyable. Quite often I will actually procrastinate on things I should do, or even other things I want to do, simply so I can keep listening to the music

4. What audio gear do you use?
At home I have an Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card in my PC, and that drives a set of Sennheiser HD 650 headphones

When I’m at work or on transit, I use an iBasso HDP-R10, more commonly known as a DX100, to drive a set of Unique Melody Miracle custom-IEM’s

5. What would be your perfect audio gear setup?
I would love to own a Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnarok DAC/amp setup and use that to drive a set of HiFiMan HE-6 headphones. Hell, if I have the money down the line, I might even dedicate a room in my future house to listening to that setup undisturbed, bringing in a laptop, sitting on a comfortable chair, maybe with a nice drink, and just enjoying my music as I browse the internet and chat online

6. What is your favorite format for audio and why?
FLAC, simply because it’s the most used format and thus almost everything designed for quality music listening is compatible with it, both hardware and software, so it’s less to think about when it’s all the same. That being said, I’ve definitely had issues setting up a network server due to incompatibility with server software and FLAC music files

7. Would you like to share some photos of your audio gear? 
Oh definitely!

The concept behind Audio Enthusiasts was inspired from the amazing My Linux Rig.
If you want to get interviewed drop me a line here or via Twitter.

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