Audio gear, children and concessions.

I’m a dad so I have little ones running around the house, they are usually calm but can also brake stuff at an amazing speed, sadly they love my stereo because all of those little knobs.

First concession, I must keep my gear hidden behind glass doors or covers, this also means I must cover my loudspeakers.

Second concession, if they brake stuff I can’t get angry at them, I need to explain why they shouldn’t brake my stuff. I only got upset and loud when I found my older one chewing the cable of my cellphone charger, now I was mad as a bat because she tried to hide it from me, plus the thing was actually charging the cell so she could get hurt from her little stunt! I’m sure she’ll never try it again.

Third and final concession, I can’t hear music like before when they are at home. If you want to be a parent and enjoy sitting down and hearing some music forget about that until they are old enough.

Meanwhile buy some good headphones a portable amp and a good music player and try to hear music before bed because loud music will be a no no with kids at home, unless its music from their favorite movies or series.

BTW if you got floor-standing loudspeakers beware your children, those woofers will get pushed inside faster than you can say “Let it Go” lol.

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