Raspberry Pi and some thoughts.

So I got the the B version of the Pi and the compatible Wolfson Dac board.
I also have a 12V 7″ TFT that I’ll plug to the analogue video out because I didn’t find any hdmi TFT around my area. Besides that I have a shitty keyboard and a mouse for my laptop that I might change for something smaller on the long run.

For power supplies I bought a second hand 5V 1.5A Sony PSP one for the raspberry (will solder a new jack) and a 12V 2A one for the TFT (It was originally made for cars)

For OS I’ll use Noobs and try stuff, the thing that works better with the DAC will be my main choice. I don’t need a pretty GUI, I just need a GUI to choose songs and a decent player for Flac files.

The box will be the same model I used to built my headphone amp, so I’ll have to extend those A/V output/inputs to the back plate via cables. the USB/LAN ports will be facing the back for easy access. I need to think about the access to the SD card but I think I’ll just cut a hole on the bottom of the box for easy access.
I’ll use a dual switch to power the boards and the TFT but no PSU will be inside the box.
I should actually shield the boards and I have the materials to do it but first I want to test the setup.

If the thing actually boots OK and the DAC runs fine I’ll think about those little details, if people put raspberry Pi inside Lego boxes why should I worry about shielding.
I should make a power supply for the raspberry…but first I want to see if noise goes to the outputs of the DAC…Fingers crossed because I don’t want to spend any more money.

I do have a little problem because I only have two USB ports, so I need one for the HDD and one for at least a mouse, keyboard will be only used for setup I hope.
Setup will be something like, run audio player on boot (If the OS lets me do it) and mount HDD.

Thats about it…I hope….sometimes I hope too much..

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