The crazy bat audiophile syndrome and the Raspberry pi.

Did you ever noticed people looking at you in a strange way after you talk about your audio hobby to them? That “you are a crazy bat” look after we talk about audio gear or something related?
I find it funny people don’t look that way when someone says they spend all their savings on a collectors car or other collectors items.
Expensive cars are ok for most people but audio gear is for crazy bats only!

I bought a raspberry Pi B, a Wolfson DAC card and also had to buy a 7″ TFT, when I explained the application to the seller she looked at me like I was crazy to spend 85€ on a screen to control a micro computer…I felt a bit sad because of her look, sad because I know many people think the same about other people who enjoy building stuff for audio. From my point of view I would be even more crazy if I spent 2000€ on a Sony ES audio server when I can build one for about 250€ and use some external HDD I had laying around, plus if I get tired of it I can always use it for another task unlike the Sony one.

The raspberry pi is an amazing platform I always wanted to try, I could use the OS Volumio but I don’t want more LAN cables around my house, plus it still needs a tablet or PC to work and I don’t want that because my kids tend to kidnap my desktop to watch Disney stuff.
The raspberry/Wolfson/TFT combo is also a way to save some money on the long run.

Audio servers are expensive, laptops don’t enjoy running for long periods of time, desktops need lots of juice and make too much noise, plus my living room has too much moist during the winter so I must be careful.

Now I look like a crazy bat again…I should buy old cars I know…

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