DACs and “burning in” gear.

So I was reading some forum posts about the Raspberry/Wolfson combo when I found a jewel of a post, The people who write there show a lot of knowledge about tech and computers, so I’m sure they aren’t the typical “plug and play” kind of persons, but still these informed audiophile talk about “burning in” DACs for hours and how they sound better and other similar BS.

In a subjective matter I’m sure anything will sound better after 50 hours of “burning in” mostly because we want it to sound better. On the objective side without measuring the difference that’s complete and utter BS.
I thinks this “burning in” BS comes from the “tube” time, when stuff needed some warming up to be up to specification.(It still does, because tubes never actually died)

I should burn in my computer, I’m sure it will be way faster and stable after some hours of “burning in”…it will sound better also…You can imagine me doing a face palm because I’m doing it.

Now if you say that it will show flaws that’s another story, but it won’t perform better after burning in, if it did my old computer would be on turbo mode now.
I shouldn’t be so mean about this kind of thing, but if everybody remains quite about this kind of BS it will become a true fact without objective tests.
I suspect of any type of “burn in” with exception of loudspeakers but even with those I’m sure only calibration equipment will detect the subtle changes.

Some audiophile should “burn in” their minds and pick up a soldering iron, now that burns in fine when you pick it wrong!

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