The good in audiophiles.

I often focus too much on the negative side of audiophiles, because writing about BS is way more fun than writing about the good side of the hobby.

I believe that many audio enthusiasts are amazing persons. I already interviewed some and even if only half of the enthusiasts are like them, this hobby is in fact full of very intelligent and music loving people.
(I’m still looking for people to interview about audio, so if anyone wants to be featured, do contact me.)

Because of audiophiles, the industry is pushed to make better products, for example Sony and Technics are returning to the Hi-Fi game. Without audio enthusiasts the industry would fall in a “status quo”, making stylish stuff without investing in better quality hardware.

That’s the good side of having so many true audio enthusiasts, we “burn” bad quality products and showcase the ones that deserve, this kind of amateur “reviewers” makes companies very aware that even if they are well established on the market, they still need to push forward and innovate. A nice example is Grado, they could live only from their reputation but even so they push forward with new products.

Many niche companies now have close relations with their buyers, an unthinkable idea during the golden age of audio, companies these days try to “hear” the potential costumers. Having educated audio enthusiasts helps them improve design and detect flaws, an example of this was the DC offset flaw in a american brand of headphone amplifiers, a flaw detected by some enthusiasts and later corrected by the company.

Enthusiasts also push DIY designs forward, sometimes even audio engineers give a helping hand designing friendly circuits for the less educated amateurs. Good examples of this are Nelson Pass a professional audio designer that never forgot the DIY community (and we don’t forget him), the “MIA” NwAVGuy with his headphone amplifier/DAC and also the Korean engineer Sijosae with his amazing ultra compact layouts/builds. There are many more like them and without them audio wouldn’t be so fun.

Audiophiles, audio enthusiasts, HiFi crazies, call us anything you want but in one point you must agree, the world without us would be a little bit less musical.

(With less BS also, but not so fun)

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