Why I love second-hand tech stores.

There was a time when I was a bit of a snob about second-hand tech items, the idea of having something already used by other people was not a nice one, but I must admit at the time I had more money that I have now so having new stuff was easy.

Having a family and responsibilities changed a lot of things, being a snob was one of them. These days I’m kind of proud that I buy second-hand stuff because I feel that I don’t need new stuff to achieve my goals, specially in music related things.

For example my cellphone is an amazing piece of tech and even after 2 years on the hands of someone the thing looks and feels new to me and I’m quite happy about it.
The same goes for my oscilloscope and some other items I got around the house.

I do have some rules to buy second-hand items without getting burned.
Always buy on physical stores, try to buy with the original accessories and box, study what you want and it’s market price, haggle if possible but don’t push it too much, don’t be a snob because you are buying used stuff and it will have some nicks here and there, always test the stuff in store and also see if the store gives you some kind of warranty even a month is good enough. Those are my rules.
Another one goes for batteries, if its old it should be possible to change them if not beware of hard to open enclosures, a nice example are ipods, iphones and to be sincere most stuff from Apple.

Beware of online shops if you want to buy stuff that gets stolen easily in the streets, this goes for anything portable, if the seller doesn’t have the original box and receipt just ignore the item because it might be stolen stuff and you’ll get in trouble if you buy it.

Second-hand stuff isn’t for the people who want the new gadgets on the block, but it might be a nice way to have that gadget you really wanted but was too expensive to have, in a way it will be new stuff to you.

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