I’m an audio enthusiast in Airplane mode.

Smartphones have a wonderful thing called “airplane mode” it’s a simple way to suspend the signal transmitting functions of the hardware.

These days I’m in airplane mode if I look at it from a certain angle.
I love audio, always did since I was a little kid, during my teenager years I had cool friends that shared my love for music and in a way my love for audio gear.

After becoming a parent for the first time things started to change, my social life started to focus around my little lady and less and less around music and audio.
Then came my second son and I must admit audio at home became a rare thing to enjoy only during the week when the kids were at kindergarten or on the go when commuting or doing errands.
Now father for the third time I had the time to think a bit about my life and hobbies during my parental leave, between half assembled projects on the workbench and a huge lossless music library that needs some love, I’m starting to think I’m a audio enthusiast in airplane mode.

Besides some tumbler audio enthusiasts for whom I have a deep respect, I don’t feel the need to directly intervene in the audio community, be it on Head-Fi, Reddit, Facebook or Youtube. I don’t even read audio forums anymore because for me they are a monumental loss of time.

I won’t lie, I still watch videos about audio and read some audiophile sites, I usually save the articles to an app called “Pocket” to read them later or to hear them if I need to work with my hands.

Don’t get me wrong I love music but I don’t have much space for it besides on the go or during my free time during the week.
So yes, I’m in airplane mode for now.

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