My biased review on subjective cable reviewers.

I have a little evil rule I often follow, if a site reviews audio cables in a subjective way I’ll drop it from my serious list of sites.

This means I’ll take anything on that site with suspicion, specially reviews.
I don’t have anything against sites that actually try to objectively measure an audio cable but besides Archimago’s blog I don’t know anyone who does it, to be completely sincere.

I believe subjective cable reviewers actually believe in all that they write most of the time, unless the cable in question is advertised on their site. If they make money from the cable brand they are reviewing doesn’t matter how serious they say they are, they’ll be biased and often will try to protect their income.
It hurts me to write such a thing but it’s true, I usually lurk around websites and watch with amazement reviewers or friends of reviewers defending a sponsor.
Anyone who does that is not a pro in my book, amateurs I can forgive because they don’t make money, but so called professionals should NOT endorse such behavior.

So I’m biased against subjective cable reviewers , you bet I am!
One of my favorite audiophile writers whom I shall not name here was the owner of a audiophile cable company, now this man knows his cables and tries to debunk some like me who say audio cables make no difference after a certain point in price/quality.
The difference is that this writer actually tries to explain objectively why cables might sound different and he isn’t reviewing for a sponsor or possible future sponsor.

A owner of a site I shall not name here wrote that most cable reviewers would need to make expensive investments in testing gear and education so they could make objective reviews, he also wrote that readers would need some education to understand those reviews.

Now I respect his opinion but I do not agree with him. Pros should have their own testing tools, that’s why they are pros and not amateurs. If they don’t have money they should try to find a lab that makes the measurements for them. As for education, a professional reviewer should know what he reviews and have at least some education do understand basic measurements, after all amateurs do it all the time.
This brings me to the last point, audiophiles love their hobby and will try to educate themselves if they can achieve better audio reproduction.

I believe it’s easier to write subjective reviews, spit some unusual words almost like a wine taster and voila you got a subjective cable review!
If that’s the case I understand those reviewers but that’s is being lazy in my book.
I care less and less about the inner fights of the hobby but I believe we must be serious about it and with each other.

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