Apple laptops.

After a really nice talk with my pal chiisaifukurou via twitter, I came to a personal and curious conclusion about Apple laptops.

Hardware wise Apple right now (2015) builds the best laptops in the world. Apple haters should note that I’m no Apple fanboy, I use Ubuntu Gnome on my desktop and Xubuntu on the laptop so I’m biased mostly towards PCs running Linux. My sister on the other hand is a Apple fangirl and has most of the Apple Ecosystem and doesn’t complain about it.

How can I a Linux Zealot enthusiast truly believe hardware wise Apple is the best company making laptops in 2015?
Mostly because no other company pushes hardware design as much as them, sure they emulated the design of Dieter Rams but few companies ask so much from their suppliers and assemblers as Apple.
Their unibody enclosures are amazing making their laptops really robust but still beautiful to the eye. Sure there are many clones out there, the Chromebook Pixel to name one, but most of them lack the quality of assembly, specs or both.

I know there are many laptops with brutal hardware specs that go well above anything Apple has for sale, for example the Asus ROG line is amazing but do you truly believe they will stand on their feet in 10 years like most Macbooks Pro stand? Most laptops these days are disposable tech, sure Apple hardware also brakes down but believe or not you can still make a buck selling the old parts to fix other Macs after 10 years, few laptop have that value.

As for my buying options and because I use Ubuntu, the Lenovo Thinkpad line is the best option besides the factory installed Ubuntu laptops.
Believe or not I can’t see myself using a Mac mostly because of the OS it runs, because Apple is a very closed ecosystem and Linux is the opposite.
You might think they are expensive (compared with a 1500€ Sony Walkman Apple laptops are cheap), you might hate the design, the specs or the BS marketing hype around the products but it’s impossible to deny the construction quality of the brand. I think it’s industrial craftsmanship at its finiest at least for now.

11 Oct 2018 Long gone are the days of good quality, overheating, bad keyboards, refusal of the right to repair done by third parties makes Apple as of 2018 one of the worst brands if you want to buy a laptop.

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