New book for my colection.

Last week I was on my way home and there was a book fair on the subway, I usually don’t have the time to visit discount fairs but that afternoon I was in a good mood, I asked the store clerk if they had books about music, she presented me with this lovely almost 4cm high book about records.
Priced at 20€ I didn’t think twice and it came home with me, the photos don’t show the quality of the print or the quality of the paper, plus it comes in 4 languages (Got love Taschen for that one).

Most of you know I don’t own vinyl records but this book is amazing, even if you don’t have vinyl at home. If you enjoy vinyl try to find a copy and at least give it a look. 

I’m not affiliated with Taschen or any book store, I paid this book with my money and if Taschen asks I’ll remove the photos.