Audiophiles and the need to be.

Everyone knows I have a bit of a feud against audio cables and other so called tweaks in the subjective audiophile world, my hate for audio bullshit became so great I almost crossed the troll bridge to the dark side. I’m glad my self censoring works well and I refrained from making personal attacks to the cult believers of high-end cables, paper heights, power strips, cable stands, audiophile software, SDD vs HDD tone differences and all the other stuff the typical audiophile stereotype enjoys so very much.

These days I just dismiss any review about the huge difference a 500€ audio cable made on the soundstage of 200€ headphones, only cult hardcore subjective audiophiles use 500€ cables on entry level headphones and notice improvement without proper testing or any proof to support those claims.
When objectivists ask for blind tests and proper testing, those reviewers will evade by saying they don’t work well under the pressure of a blind test or they don’t have the skill or tech to test the stuff objectively.
This kind of reviewers in my opinion are a bit lazy because people who really enjoy the hobby will go at great lengths to improve their knowledge so yea those excuses don’t look very valid from my point of view. I think most subjective reviewers are afraid tests will show those tweaks don’t do a thing, thus making their reviews one big naive* lie. (Naive for the ones who actually believe they actually hear differences, some out there are more interested in pleasing their sponsors, those are charlatans in my book)

I read somewhere that objectivists (They call us haters) should mind their own business because its not their money and its all about envy.
Now I don’t mind people paying huge sums of money for so called high-end tweaks, it’s really good for the economy after all! Workers need to get paid in the end of the month and anyone who spends 500€ on a audio tweak without proper testing deserves to part from their money.
What annoys me a lot is the fact those audiophiles raise the price of anything audiophile related. Note that anything with the stamp “audiophile quality” equals over inflated prices the audiophile stereotype will pay or crave for.
This problem is so nasty, even Sony is making audiophile SD cards, the motto “if you built it, they will come spend” is alive and quite well on the subjective members of the cult hobby!

Another thing I find dangerous is “the need to be” of some audiophiles from both sides of the fence. Passionate claims like “I’m now a audiophile because I use these cables, or have high-end stuff, or because I own all of this stuff so this makes me an audiophile”. These kind of claims show a sad side to this hobby, some might see it as a passion but that’s not my opinion.
I don’t see the need to be in other hobbies, sure people are proud when they buy new tools or improve their workspace but they are already on the hobby, OK maybe they are newbies but they don’t have that need to be approved by peers or family like I so often see on online communities about the audiophile hobby.
If you put model makers on the same room they will discuss technics and other fun trivia, put audiophiles on the same room and the system is not harm enough, the stylus needs cleaning, the sweet spot is off, and other bullshit.
Maybe this is THE problem with this hobby, it’s about hearing music using gear. Most audiophiles don’t know how to build gear unlike models makers and most don’t want to leave their comfort zone to understand the gear they buy, believing any pseudo-science dealers and factories claim.

This hobby is about music, anyone how enjoys music more or less like the mastering engineer intended is a audiophile, doesn’t matter if you have 15000€ cables or 50€ headphones from a second hand deal.
Now I will understand if you prefer being called a audio enthusiast, audiophiles are a bit too complicated aren’t they?

I do know subjectivists that enjoy cables and tweaks but they don’t have “the need to be”, they are nice to newbies and understand why “haters” need solid evidence about tweaks. Those I respect even if they raise the price tag for audiophile products…

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